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Balance weight (pre-cut) with graphite pattern - 5g and 10g (4pcs each)

Parts > Weights
3Racing View more
Part Number: 3RAC-BW03
Our Price: $4.99
We have live inventory system.
This item is in stock and ready to ship.

Technical Data
Balance weight with double sided tape
Include :
5g X 4
10g X 4
Factory Team TC5R Kit12R5.1 Factory Team KitCRC Gen-XL Carpet Knife 1/12 Pan Car Kit - CLN3202Ferrari F60 (F104)F104 PRO w/Body - F104M05 Tamiya MiniF103 / F103 GTCyclone TCHot Bodies Cyclone SXRAY T3 Competition 1/10 Electric Touring CarHPI Racing Sprint 2Associated TC3TRF416 Chassis KitTA05/TA05 IFSCRC Gen-X 10 Le Graphite 1/10 Pan Car Kit - CLN1712Castrol Honda Civic VTI - FF03Hot Bodies Cyclone TCXFactory Team TC6 KitSAKURA 3RACING Sakura Zero 1/10 Touring CarM03 Tamiya MiniTA05v.2TT01 ChassisTRF 417 / 417X / 417 V53RACING Sakura Zero S 1/10 Touring CarAssociated TC4 Club Racer KitM06 Tamiya MiniTA06 PRO Chassis Kit3RACING F109 F1-09 1/10 RC Formula 1 EP CarTB03Goose / TOYOTA MR2 1st Generation (AW11)F104X1 / F104W-GP3RACING Sakura XI 1/10 Touring Car3RACING Sakura FGX 1/10 Formula 1 EP CarAssociated 1/18 18R Kamino RTRAssociated 1/18 18R Niteline RTR3RACING Sakura FF 1/10 Electric CarCRC Gen-Xi Inline 1/12 Pan Car KitTC6.1 Factory Team KitGrid (Gambado) / HONDA CR-X SiR (2nd Gen.)RM01 Tamiya 1/12 Toyota Tom's 84C RM-01 KitFactory Team RC10R5 KitRM01 Newman Joest Racing PorscheTA05VDF22 2WD Race Buggy22T 2WD Race TruckHPI BlitzTraxxas SlashTraxxas Slash 4x4SC10 4x4SC10Associated B44/B44.1Associated B4/B4.1Associated T4/T4.1HPI Racing F10Tamiya TRF501XTamiya TRF201Tamiya TRF502XTamiya TRF511XTamiya DB011/10 F104 Version II Chassis Kit3RACING Sakura D3 CS SPORT 1/10 Drift CarAssociated 1/12 RC12R5.2 Factory Team KitSpec-R R1 1/10 Electric Touring CarSpec-R S1 1/10 Sports Edition Electric Touring CarXti 1/12th Scale Car KitXRAY T4 2013 Spec Team Touring Car KitTC6.1 Factory Team Worlds Car KitF104V.2 Pro Chassis Kit (F104V.2 Dark Titanium w/Body)RM01X Chassis Kit1/10 TRF101 Chassis KitSpec-R R1 1/10 Electric Touring Car Pro-SpecH4e 1/10 Pro Electric 4wd Touring Car Kit with Upgraded parts.F104V.2 Pro Chassis Kit - F104V.2 Black SpecialCRC Gen-X10-SE 200mm WGT KitRC10TC6.2 Factory Team Kit1/12 CK Xti - Altered EgoXV-01 Touring CarTRF418 Chassis KitTT02 ChassisXRAY T4 2014 Spec Team Touring Car KitSpec-R S2 1/10 Electric Touring CarM05 Ver.II PRO Chassis Kit - M05-V2TB EVO.6 Chassis Kit - TB EVO 6TRF101W Chassis KitB44.2 Factory Team KitB5 Team KitB5M Team KitB44.3 Factory Team KitXRAY X12 2015 Link Spec 1/12 Pan Car KitXRAY X10 2015 Spec 1/10 GT Pan CarXRAY T4 - 2015 Specs - 1/10 Electric TCCRC F1 WTF-1 Formula 1 On Road KitLightning12 Dynamics Edition 1:12 Pan Car KitLightning10 1:10 Pan Car KitYokomo R12C3 Competition 1/12 Pan Car KitVBC Racing - Lightning12 Version 2 1/12 Pan Car Kit1/12 Xti-Wc Car KitSpec-R R2 1/10 Electric Touring Car (Regular Version)Yokomo R12 C3.1 Competition 1/12 Pan Car KitTRF419 Chassis Kit3RACING Sakura D4 1/10 Drift Car (RWD)3RACING Sakura D4 1/10 Drift Car (AWD)TRF102 Chassis KitXRAY T4 - 2016 Specs - 1/10 Electric TCXRAY X12 2016 Specs 1/12 Pan Car KitAssociated 1/10 RC10TC7 Factory Team Touring 4WD KitTA07 PRO Chassis KitTB Evo.6 MS Chassis Kit - TB EVO6Associated 1/10 TC7.1 Factory Team KitTRF102 Chassis Kit - TRF102 Black EditionXRAY T4 - 2017 Specs - 1/10 Electric TCXRAY X12 2017 Specs 1/12 Pan Car KitTeam Reinert Racing MAN TGS - TT-01 Type ERC Team Hahn Racing MAN TGS - TT-01 Type ESakura D4 1/10 Drift Car(RWD) - Sport Black editionSakura D4 1/10 Drift Car(AWD) - Sport Black editionLightning12M 1/12 Pan Car KitAssociated 1/12 RC12R6 Factory Team KitCRC WTF1-FC16 Formula 1 car kitTA07R Chassis Kit - TA07RBuggyra Racing Fat Fox - TT-01 Type E
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