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Race Result

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2011 1st TQ Pan Car Grand Prix Results.
Mini-Z Main.txt   Mini-Z Qualifying 1.txt  
Mini-Z Qualifying 2.txt   R1_Race_01_12 SCALE MOD.pdf  
R1_Race_02_12 SCALE CIRTIX SPEC(2).pdf   R1_Race_03_12 SCALE CIRTIX SPEC.pdf  
R1_Race_04_12 SCALE 17.5(3).pdf   R1_Race_05_12 SCALE 17.5.pdf  
R1_Race_06_F1 FOAM(1).pdf   R1_Race_07_12 SCALE 13.5(1).pdf  
R1_Race_08_WORD GT 13.5(1).pdf   R1_Race_09_WORD GT 13.5.pdf  
R2_Race_01_12 SCALE MOD.pdf   R2_Race_02_12 SCALE CIRTIX SPEC(2).pdf  
R2_Race_03_12 SCALE CIRTIX SPEC.pdf   R2_Race_04_12 SCALE 17.5(2).pdf  
R2_Race_05_12 SCALE 17.5.pdf   R2_Race_06_F1 FOAM(2).pdf  
R2_Race_07_WORD GT 13.5.pdf   R2_Race_08_WORD GT 13.5(1).pdf  
R2_Race_09_12 SCALE 13.5(4).pdf   R3_Race_01_12 SCALE 17.5_B-Main(3).pdf  
R3_Race_02_WORD GT 13.5_B-Main.pdf   R3_Race_03_12 SCALE MOD_A-Main.pdf  
R3_Race_04_F1 FOAM_A-Main(1).pdf   R3_Race_05_12 SCALE CIRTIX SPEC_A-Main(2).pdf  
R3_Race_06_12 SCALE 17.5_A-Main(1).pdf   R3_Race_07_12 SCALE 13.5_A-Main.pdf  
R3_Race_08_WORD GT 13.5_A-Main(1).pdf   TQ Pan Car GP Final.pdf  

TQ RC RACING (tqrcracing) wrote, 1/24/2011 10:18:26 AM views: 1,655

Another great day yesterday :)

Thanks all pan car racers and mini-z racers for supporting TQ RC RACING !!

Congratulations all winners, and thanks all racers for racing at TQ.

Please check the attached race results, Mini-Z race results will be posted soon.

1/12 Cirtix Spec
1st : Roel Espina
2nd: Paul Smith
3rd: Jose Monge

1/12 17.5
1st: Tim Copp
2nd: Jimmy Wright
3rd: Pres Ilog

1/12 13.5
1st: Dave Berger
2nd: Eric Poholsky
3rd: Leo L

1/12 Mod
1st: Dave Berger
2nd: Edger Fiallos
3rd: Matt Siu

Word GT 13.5
1st: Tim Copp
2nd: James Davis
3rd: Roel Espina

F1 Foam
1st: Alex Navarrete
2nd: Panda (Kevin)
3rd: Carlos Ledezma

Mini-Z Mod
1st: Alex Navarrete
2nd: Grant
3rd: Brian


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