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2016 Gens Ace Championship Race Results
Final(149).pdf   R1_Race_01_ROOKIE SEDAN(74).pdf  
R1_Race_02_MINI 2WD(23).pdf   R1_Race_03_12 SCALE 13.5(6).pdf  
R1_Race_04_SPORTSMAN SEDAN(16).pdf   R1_Race_05_SPORTSMAN SEDAN(23).pdf  
R1_Race_06_EXPERT SEDAN(13).pdf   R1_Race_07_EXPERT SEDAN(17).pdf  
R1_Race_08_F1 RUBBER(6).pdf   R1_Race_09_12 SCALE 17.5(4).pdf  
R1_Race_10_12 SCALE 17.5(5).pdf   R2_Race_01_ROOKIE SEDAN(72).pdf  
R2_Race_02_MINI 2WD(26).pdf   R2_Race_03_12 SCALE 13.5(5).pdf  
R2_Race_04_SPORTSMAN SEDAN(14).pdf   R2_Race_05_SPORTSMAN SEDAN(24).pdf  
R2_Race_06_EXPERT SEDAN(12).pdf   R2_Race_07_EXPERT SEDAN(14).pdf  
R2_Race_08_F1 RUBBER(6).pdf   R2_Race_09_12 SCALE 17.5(5).pdf  
R2_Race_10_12 SCALE 17.5(4).pdf   R3_Race_01_SPORTSMAN SEDAN_B-Main(17).pdf  
R3_Race_02_EXPERT SEDAN_B-Main(5).pdf   R3_Race_03_ROOKIE SEDAN_A-Main(14).pdf  
R3_Race_04_12 SCALE 13.5_A-Main(7).pdf   R3_Race_05_MINI 2WD_A-Main(9).pdf  
R3_Race_06_F1 RUBBER_A-Main(6).pdf   R3_Race_07_12 SCALE 17.5_A-Main(18).pdf  
R3_Race_08_SPORTSMAN SEDAN_A-Main(13).pdf   R3_Race_09_EXPERT SEDAN_A-Main(14).pdf  

TQ RC RACING (tqrcracing) wrote, 10/23/2016 6:02:18 PM views: 1,475

Thank you everyone for coming and racing 2016 Gens Ace Championship Race today !!

We had a great turnout today, it's a good start for the first Gens Ace Championship race.

Thanks again Gens Ace for having great event at TQ, here are the winners of today.

Rookie Sedan
1st Place: Jacob Cruz
2nd Place: James Yoo
3rd Place: Jason Shin

1st Place: Hector Martinez
2nd Place: Jae Shin
3rd Place: Michael Kamali

Expert Sedan
1st Place: Roel Espina
2nd Place: Brian Rutherford
3rd Place: JD Ramsey

1/12 17.5
1st Place: Rod Canare
2nd Place: Steve Burgess
3rd Place: Dillon Hoffman

1/12 13.5
1st Place: Rod Canare
2nd Place: Edgar Fiallos
3rd Place: Chin Luc

F1 Rubber
1st Place: Hector Martinez
2nd Place: Alex M.
3rd Place: Alex Navarrete

Mini 2WD
1st Place: Alex Navarrete
2nd Place: Marc Cruz
3rd Place: Frank Liu




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